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What I like about Eating Differently, is just that, it looks at the way I think about food, the way I keep processing the relationship I have about food, good, bad and the barriers that I had built up regarding food. Some food I use as a crutch and others remind me of when I was young, over cooked, and uninteresting and did not like eating.

Louise is helping me to look at my barriers, working through ideas to increase my motivation to help me find better ways of introducing different food into my life, which will help me to get my health get back on track.

Louise has a wealth knowledge and guidance and is helping me to create a lifestyle programme guiding me step-by-step to make my lifestyle changes, motivating me to understand the best foods to eat for my body, helping me to understand my mindset and doing this will address root causes of my health issues.

I am loving the way Eat Differently makes me think and with Louiseā€™s expertise help, I know I will achieve my goals for the rest of my life, and I am excited to continue with this new lifestyle as I know Louise will be there for me whenever I need advice on my journey to a better healthier lifestyle.



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