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My ‘back’ story

I completed my Diploma in Nutritonal Therapy with the Institute for Optimum Nutrition in 2020 and qualified as a BANT registered Nutritionist and Registered Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. As you may have figured out by now – I am a mature re-trainer – which means I have lots of life experience and many transferable skills.

Here are some relevant ‘edited’ highlights:-

I have worked for almost twenty years running a successful business that grew from 2 to over 20 staff – so I know about the stresses, strains, long hours and demands of being an SME owner, I also understand that if you’re in any senior role or self employed it is extremely challenging to stay healthy and get the work life balance right.

I know from first hand experience that being a parent as well as a business person the temptation is to put family first but this can lead to not eating well and not taking enough time out for exercise and relaxation.

I’ve had my own health challenges over the years; I suddenly developed IBS symptoms, I struggled with weight issues, fitness and poor energy levels.

In 2018 my husband, with no prior warning suffered a heart attack and cardiac arrest, – it wasn’t until afterwards I discovered that the chance of surviving an out of hospital cardiac arrest are only 8%! It’s made me passionate about prevention of cardio vascular disease and I believe stress plays a major part. My husband is fitter and healthier than ever now – he was extraordinarily lucky!

My Father suffered from Type 2 diabetes and looking back I think the dietary advice provided in the 1980s was terrible. We now know that Type 2 diabetes can be successfully put into remission by diet and lifestyle changes but the support is still not always adequate on the NHS.

My years being ‘the Boss’ means I’m used to solving problems; in my new role I have to adapt my approach – I know that whilst I can provide technical advice, tests and supplements when it comes to changes the client has to do the work. One of my biggest goals is to build a ‘tool box’ of coaching skills to enable me to break down clients barriers to change. I believe that some people could struggle simply because of lack of practical food preparation experience, knowledge of food or menu planning. I am determined that if I provide the right support every client will succeed; meet their goals, eat differently, live differently and feel better.

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